graphic designer jobs in indiana

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how are you?Do you have any tips for me how to get into the UK design industry Other than sending applications to agencies. Thanks!"Which got me thinking about how difficult it was for me and some of the fellow graphic design students I studied with to get a job in the design industry back in 1999 yes that long ago!straight out of design college. I snapped up a job with a Central London design agency in Soho within 2 weeks of leaving college but looking back it wasn't really the right job for me then. Though just 13 months later I changed positions and worked for a great design agency based in London Bridge and learned a huge amount as well as working on lots of different types of projects as a designer. Anyway competition was fierce then BUT the amount of graphic design and other design courses available in art colleges and universities up and down the college has grown hugely since then. So here are a few tips on like Adam asked "how to get into the UK Design industry"The Portfolio:Having a great design portfolio is a must. To be honest your design portfolio is the most important thing on this list, its what you'll mainly be judged on. It must be well presented and include at least 6 or more design projects. Think about the kind of work the agency your applying to does and try to tailor your portfolio towards that. For example if they specialise in corporate identity and branding work try to include work of this kind. Be ready to talk about your design work, what inspired you, why you approached the project in the way you did, even choice of typeface, colours, imagery etc.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Try not to wait a day or two to get back to us – by the time you send us changes and we get them back to you, a few days will have already passed.

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graphic designer jobs in indiana

“ Now that we have all of that, what's next?Brochure templates have a key role in today's business environment. ”